Our black Labrador Ebony is 5 and is a fully trained gun dog. She has been in demonstration shows for working gun dogs. The last show that Ebony appeared in was at the Southport Country Fair between 29th May – 31st May 2013.

In January 2013 she successfully whelped a litter of 10 puppies, and is already back in great condition. We keep in touch with their owners and they send us regular updates of their progress.

Our golden Labrador Midas is 4 and although he looks like a fully grown adult he is still very much a puppy at heart, we would like to say he is a gentle giant! He is undergoing obedience training with ourselves and regularly goes to classes giving us chance to improve our knowledge and hone our skills.

In September 2014 our black Labrador Ebony had her second and last litter of 6 puppies. After saving one of the little ones during birth and the emotional bond this created we had little option but to add another addition to our family, this was Oria now 18 months old. Although she is the youngest of our dogs she is the bossiest and has a very mischievous streak but also loves her fuss and cuddles.